Kanya Queen of Scots

Kanya King


Kanya King MBE founder of the MOBOs often envied by many (due to her business mind, her brand, her strategies, her looks and her all round super womaness!), arrived at the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Awards looking very confident.


Kanya King

 There has been talk that the MOBOs may be turning its back on London and is to be held in Scotland this year yes I said SCOTLAND!!!

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper


Hannah Maniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Miley Circus


Miley Cyrus caused mayhem at the premier of her new film Hannah Montana: The Movie. UK crowds turned out in full force for the young trend-setters. And they did not disappoint; the Disney Channel star looked like the most stylish 16 year old I have ever seen! Dressed in a Silver beaded Herve Leger creation, Miss Cyrus simply rocked!


 She caught up with her BFF Demi Lovato star of her own Disney Channel TV series Sonny with a chance. They said hello…



Then caught some joke;




Needless to say Demi rocked in Silver too! Sade Says silver is not just for tinsel and Christmas! It’s for super cute dresses!


PING! Hmmm; Christina, Britney and Justin were all at Disney too…


Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper

Suits you Sir



Alexander Amosu and Ronke Phillips


Multimillionaire Alexander Amosu (R’n’B ringtones) has ventured into fashion and created what is thought to be the most expensive suit in the ENTIRE world!!!!!!!!!!

The star studded press launch held in Mayfair included the likes of Ronke Phillips and Baroness Amos.

 75k suit


And here it is on this dashing young model. This suit is worth a whopping 75k, yes 75k!!!!!!!!! Made with fabrics of the very highest quality, it is woven with 22 carat gold and sprinkled with diamond dust to create the ultimate in bling-wear. (Please note this is not for those worried about the credit crunch).


Chris Eubank and the Suit


Orders were being taken on the night and that’s not the only thing that was up for grabs on this launch night. Amosu raffled off his 22 carat gold iPod; to enter all guest had to do was put there business card into the draw.


 Chris Eubank


Sadly no matter how hard he searched in his man bag Mr Eubank could not find his L


 Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper

What a ‘state’!

jamelia red clutch

All eyes where on the state of  fashion displayed on the red carpet at the State of Play premiere


Jamelia opted for this demure shift dress with a fabulous red clutch

Russell Crow and Helen Mirren

Russell Crowe and Dame Helen Mirren looked like chic and chicer

 Helen Mirren

Helen’s beautiful Donna Karan shift dress was the perfect choice for the occasion…

Bianca Gascoigne

Whereas Bianca Gascoigne’s outfit err not so much…Can’t work out if she came dressed as Jordan (Katie Price) or the Sugar Plum Fairy?!?!?

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper

New Star

Zoe Saldana

Just a quick glimpse of a new huge star, her name is in Zoe Saldana and plays Nyota Uhura in the new Star Trek film.

Image courtesy of Flyer Newspaper

Sophisticated Spice

Geri arrival

 Geri Halliwell former spice girl looked like the yummiest Mummy rocking a sophisticated chic look for the launch of her new book Ugenia Lavender.


 Looking laid back and relaxed with her hands in her pockets

Geri reversed book

Geri then proceeded to hold her brand new book in front of all the worlds media ‘BACK to FRONT’ Woo Hoo! Girl Power (Classic!)



Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper