Hurray for the Bank Holiday!

The Bank Holiday weekend gave us our fair share of sunshine; lots of events and lots of people out and about

Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown kicked off the weekend by attending The Sun Newspaper Wonder Woman Awards. Sade Says 3 stripes should only really be done by Adidas


Also in attendance was Duchess of  York Fergie, but wait, I know that dress! Matthew Williamson for H&M @ £35!!!! Ha-Ha seems like Fergie loves a bargain just like the rest of us!

 Vanessa Feltz and Ben Ofoedu

Celebrating National Family week Vanessa Feltz and fiance Ben Ofoedu were in Regents Park taking part in an attempt to break the world’s largest picnic record

 Jade Ewen

The lovely Jade Ewen (Britain’s entrant for Eurovision song contest) made a quick stop at Afro Hair and Beauty Show. Jade was dressed down and managed to go largely unnoticed (just as she intended) she told Flyer ‘I don’t want to be recognised’

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper


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