The World has lost its King of Pop!

Michael Jackson was pronounced dead on the 25th of June aged 50. The legendary artist sold over 750 million albums worldwide! Thriller alone sold 51 million copies. He leaves behind three children.

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson was rushed into hospital in Los Angeles at 8.30 pm (London time) after suffering a massive heart attack. Despite efforts to resuscitate him medics said “He was unresponsive.”

Michael JacksonMatthew from FLYER who was fortunate to have met Michael on several occasions said: “Michael had a special place in our hearts and had a presence and an aura that was humble but endearing. His music transcends race, although race was always an issue in the media, Michael preferred to let his music do the talking for which he will always be loved and remembered.

 Michael JACKSON

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More from CFW 2009

The celebs were in to check out the CFW action

Nia Long in Gavin DouglasThe beautiful and talented Hollywood Actress Nia Long hosted, sporting a Gavin (who reps UK!!!) Douglas jacket and in doing so reminded us that even she is human as she confidently displayed her muffin top!!!



Performances came from the iced out D’Angel (who was once married to Beenie Man) who went down a treat


and the one and only Eve who rocked this little black number


 and later dressed down in a dark grey playsuit. Very cute!

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper

CFW 2009 Designers

Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW) always plays host to world class designers here are a few to tickle your fancy 😉

Gavin Douglas 03

Gavin Douglas who has had a large amount of success in the UK proved to continue this at CFW.

Gavin Douglas CFW 01

Nell Robinson in Gavin Douglas

The focus of the collection was on shape and form and had a great response from both people behind the scenes and the audiences.

Gavin Douglas 04

Designs were also seen from Fashion insider Matthew Mensah

Matthew Mensah 01

Matthew Mensah 02

Matthew Mensah 03

Lois Inglew

Lois Ingledew


Baruka 01

Baruka 02




Minka 03

Everyone knows that controversy and fashion go hand in hand but one designer decided to challenge Jamaica’s strict laws on homosexuality

Model in mask 01


Model reveals maskLets just say some members of the audience were not best pleased when they realised that parading on the catwalk was a man in drag!!!

Sade Says What’s hot and What’s not?!? You decide!!!!

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper

Sneak Peak

Just a taste from the Trinidadian designers, who are renowned for their passion for presentation and flawless tailoring.

Outfit 1

male model

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Fashion in the Sun

Jammed packed with designers from all over the world Caribbean Fashion Week is in full flow in sunny Jamaica

Kelly Rowland

In the New National stadium in Kingston Kelly Rowland (Destiny’s Child) rehearsed for her guest performance

Kelly Rowland Boy Jeans

Kelly kept it simple with a plain white tee and boy jeans and hiding her mane under a panama hat

Kelly Panama Hat

However during her performance things were not so simple,

Kelly Rowland Glovethe model like Kelly had a few mishaps, her glove became awkward possibly due to the heat,

her ear piece fell out and then got caught in her hair!!!

Kelly Rowland hair

She lost her composure a tiny bit but managed to pull off a good performance. (*whisper* Although she did attempt some sort of booty shaking dance move, when lets face it she hasn’t really got one big enough to shake…but well done for trying.) “Jamaica I Love you.” she said as she was whisked away and Jamaica loves Kelly.

Sade Says when it all goes wrong, keep smiling! 😀

Also there was M&S model Natalie Suliman.

Natalie Suliman

Natalie who is from Islington, caused a stir with her racy advert bearing her enviable cleavage. “It’s all mine, there has not been any airbrushing!”she triumphantly said to FLYER in Kingston.

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper

Summer Summer Summer Time

Capital FM threw their Summer Time Ball and pulled in a host of celebrity to entertainten us

Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon sported an acid green dress


The queen of crunk Ciara who is currently supporting Britney’s tour at the O2 looked great in her leather jacket and high boots.

The Saturdays

Also in attendance were The Saturday’s right on trend with their ripped jeans look. But where are Rochelle’s and Vannessa’s shoes?

Katy Perry

The cheeky Ms Katy Perry kept it hot with her poker dots.

Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis wore a demure black jumpsuit and demonstrated how to wear one of the key items for this summer.


Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper

European Elections

Sooooo the European Elections came and went but this time with quiet shocking results. The BNP which point blank refuses membership to all non white people (not that they would want to join) gained a shocking 2 seats. Words can not express the disappointment!!!

Polling Station Sign

FLYER Newspaper’s research has suggested that less than 10% of London’s African and West Indian communities have voted in European elections. Matthew from FLYER said: “Racism feeds of complacency. Our forefathers lost their lives for democracy we owe it to their legacy to vote. Our findings are disturbing and we are always the first to complain when things go wrong.”

 Polling HouseOne polling station in Wood Green said: “The turnout has been terrible. It is 5 pm and with a total of 1,800 on our list only 240 have voted. 40 of those were of Black minority population’’.

 VoterSheila, who exercised her right to vote said to FLYER: “If you don’t vote you can’t complain of the outcome. I’m here today to exercise my democratic right to vote. It is something I feel strongly about and I’m setting an example to my children.”

 Ballot BoxSade Says Vote!!!

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper