European Elections

Sooooo the European Elections came and went but this time with quiet shocking results. The BNP which point blank refuses membership to all non white people (not that they would want to join) gained a shocking 2 seats. Words can not express the disappointment!!!

Polling Station Sign

FLYER Newspaper’s research has suggested that less than 10% of London’s African and West Indian communities have voted in European elections. Matthew from FLYER said: “Racism feeds of complacency. Our forefathers lost their lives for democracy we owe it to their legacy to vote. Our findings are disturbing and we are always the first to complain when things go wrong.”

 Polling HouseOne polling station in Wood Green said: “The turnout has been terrible. It is 5 pm and with a total of 1,800 on our list only 240 have voted. 40 of those were of Black minority population’’.

 VoterSheila, who exercised her right to vote said to FLYER: “If you don’t vote you can’t complain of the outcome. I’m here today to exercise my democratic right to vote. It is something I feel strongly about and I’m setting an example to my children.”

 Ballot BoxSade Says Vote!!!

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper


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