Fashion in the Sun

Jammed packed with designers from all over the world Caribbean Fashion Week is in full flow in sunny Jamaica

Kelly Rowland

In the New National stadium in Kingston Kelly Rowland (Destiny’s Child) rehearsed for her guest performance

Kelly Rowland Boy Jeans

Kelly kept it simple with a plain white tee and boy jeans and hiding her mane under a panama hat

Kelly Panama Hat

However during her performance things were not so simple,

Kelly Rowland Glovethe model like Kelly had a few mishaps, her glove became awkward possibly due to the heat,

her ear piece fell out and then got caught in her hair!!!

Kelly Rowland hair

She lost her composure a tiny bit but managed to pull off a good performance. (*whisper* Although she did attempt some sort of booty shaking dance move, when lets face it she hasn’t really got one big enough to shake…but well done for trying.) “Jamaica I Love you.” she said as she was whisked away and Jamaica loves Kelly.

Sade Says when it all goes wrong, keep smiling! 😀

Also there was M&S model Natalie Suliman.

Natalie Suliman

Natalie who is from Islington, caused a stir with her racy advert bearing her enviable cleavage. “It’s all mine, there has not been any airbrushing!”she triumphantly said to FLYER in Kingston.

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper


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