Hot days Cool drinks

Soooo in the middle of London’s heat wave the King of bling, luxury street wear designer slash entrepreneur Christian Audigier launched his range of fine wines and Champagne (which was pretty tasty by the way) and brings some much needed competition to the celebrities usual favourites of Alize and Hypnotic

Jade Ewen

Jade Ewen (Repped UK for the Eurovision song contestant) arrived late but hey she looked great, with her rock star ensemble complete with fetish boots that just about covers her henna tattoos.

Jade Ewen shoesAlso In attendance was Funky house singer Kyla (Do you mind with Crazy Cousins) sported a simple but cute look.

KylaImages courtesy of Flyer Newspaper


One Reply to “Hot days Cool drinks”

  1. Where are the boots from???? ANDDD why would i wanna rink anything that comes out of a bottle that looks like THAT..stewed shrooms anyone..

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