Peter Andre goes to court

Peter AndrePeter Andre put on a brave face ahead of his High Court appearance today. Wearing a slick all black suit he stopped briefly around the corner from the High Court.

Peter was in buoyant mood as he shared a joke with FLYER “How are you feeling today.” asked Matthew.  I’m feeling great.” said Peter as he was whisked away by his solicitor.

Lawyer, Peter and Brother 

Walking towards  the court  Peter was  faced with a wall of photographers many of whom had been waiting since early morning.

Peter and pap mob

Shortly afterwards Peter walked into a line of photographers in which there was no security. Peter at one point found the entrance blocked and was forced in through a side door.

Peter Andre in photo mob

Peter won the libel damages case and settled for an undisclosed sum from a newspaper who had claimed he had made sexual advances towards a Jordan look alike while he was still with his now estranged wife Katie Price (Jordan)

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper


One Reply to “Peter Andre goes to court”

  1. I’m not really into celebrity lives etc but I must say I really did enjoy watching Peter Andre and Katie Price especially Pete as he came across as genuine and you could see just how much he loves her despite objections Im sure from his family and friends. It is obvious he is from a good home and family, was brought up to have respect and morality, maybe that is why so many people tend to marry within there own class where they have the same sort of standards, clearly Pete’s were higher. It is such a shame that Katie did not appreciate and fully comprehend the blessing of the husband that Pete clearly is and that she had. I think what can be learned here is that when a woman is not fully ready to humble herself, respect, trust her husband with her very being, let her guard down and not try to rule a man she will surely fail as a wife and is basically not ready for the institution of marriage. She messed up big big and lost him. She had a open window from heaven for happiness and to be well married to a wonderful and loving man and she blew it because of pride now she will never find a love like Pete again as she is so intolerable…how sad. However Pete’s future is bright and he will find I am sure a flower who will trust, respect and honour him as he will no doubt do the same for her. God bless you Peter my dear all the best.

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