Apple Bottoms

Pure London, the UK‘s leading trade fashion event had an exclusive after party at No. 5 Cavendish Square. It was sponsored by US Rapper, Nelly’s clothing range – Apple Bottoms (which cater for the more curvaceous women on the planet), although he was not there!

Loan Kim Nguyen and Fresh As Tommi in Apple Bottoms

But Apple Bottoms had UK representation in the form of hip-hop model Loan Kim Nguyen  and music  duo Fresh As Tommi who are all the current poster girls.

Arnold Snakey Man Oceng

 Actor and MC Arnold Snakey Man Oceng popped by

Betsie Dsane

Top Model Betsie Dsane  looking chilled in black also made an appearance   

Sade Says Jeans come in all shapes and sizes.

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper


5 Replies to “Apple Bottoms”

  1. BTW.. i spotted betsie @ sainsburys in camden the other day..trying to look very low key in a hat, but it didnt work cause there were some fans bugging her..

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