The BEFFTA Awards (which stands for the Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Art -yep that’s what I thought a bit of a mouthful!) not to be confused with The BAFTA Awards as one of the guest speakers on the ‘High Table’ repeatedly got it wrong. But anyway they announced their nominees at The Hilton Metropole Hotel in London. The awards have a whopping 48 categories which mean everyone who anyone has been nominated.

Pauline Long

 “Our aim is to provide exposure for many-coming individuals who’ve contributed in someway to the industry. These awards are in recognition of those people.” said founder Pauling Long.

Guest included nominees from the entertainment industry such as

June Daley

June Daley organiser of  beauty pageant ‘Miss Jamaica UK’  which is up for Best Beauty Pageant and also has current title holder Jillian Grandison up for Best Current Beauty Queen 

Virginia Buika

Afro-spanish singer Virginia Buika

Kubi Springer

The very lovely Kubi Springer’s television show Sisterhood TV is up for Best TV Show

Rachael Williams and Hannah Osunsina

Former Miss Black Britain winners Rachael Williams (2006 – l)  and Hannah Osunsina (2007 -r) are both nominated Rachael for Best Female Model and Hannah for Best Former Beauty Queen – You go ladies!!!

Arieta Mujay and Verona White

Also fashionista (who is in this months ASOS mag) Arieta Mujay (l) and Celebrity hair stylist Verona White (r) who is nominated for Best Hair Stylist made an appearance.

 Sade SaysTo vote click here

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper


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