Who Rocked it Better – Tolula Adeyemi or Kimberly Wyatt?

Poor Tolula (L), didn’t anyone tell her? The over shiny ensemble she wore to a LFW show was worn by Kimberly Wyatt (Pussycat Dolls) a couple of weeks ago at the MOBO Awards Launch party!

Who Rocked it Better Tolula Adeyemi or Kimberly Wyatt

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper


8 Replies to “Who Rocked it Better – Tolula Adeyemi or Kimberly Wyatt?”

  1. Kimberley wore it better because she had a valid excuse. She was walking down the road with DJ Ironic and she obviously needed to draw attention away from him!

  2. oh my gosh Tolula totally rocked that hot Manjit Deu piece. His designs are the total rage,everyone who is anyone loves them. Kim looks ok in it but Tolula totally smashes in it in that dress!

  3. as my style icon marian kihogo would say ‘yummy post!’ I saw a post about her styling Tolula in this piece on her blog.
    I don’t think it’s about who wore it first,It’s more about who carried it off better. Adeyemi gives it more of an elegant finish,instead of the typical rock styling that Wyatt’s boots and hair give it. she looks good but its been done lots of times before.
    The dress is so loud so Tolula’s black muted tights and pumps give it a refined finish.
    Tolula rocked it better!
    great blog by the way

  4. just saw this poll on Sugarscape too! seems Tolula is winning it there.the dress is such an attention grabber so Tolula does it best by wearing understated black tights and heels. Kim is trying too hard with the faux rock look,she’s pretty and the dress and her looks could have done the work themselves.
    no wonder Tolula adeyemi is Vivienne westwoods muse

  5. Tolula Adeyemi all the way,dont care when she wore it…she smashed the dress. she is such a style icon and so young at that. plus she makes me proud to be half Nigerian.I think she is styled by fab Dirrty Glam mag’s uk correspondent Marian Kihogo.Marian knows her fashion trust me,been a firm fan of her blog.


    luv the girl and Tolula long time.
    Going to follow your blog now.
    stay fab babe,Ronke.

  6. Hehe adoring my yummy client Tolula in that fab Manjit Deu number! Fab post!

    Picked that piece for her as I knew she would totally pull it off which she did!

    The paps could not get enough of her at the Issa London show when she turned up in it,she wore it to the amazing Mulberry Party too and all fab people adored it.

    I’ve had tons of emails requesting info on that outfit.

    Tolula is a dream to style as she wears the heck out of EVERYTHING, she makes everything look like conceptual couture.
    Have a bunch of celeb clients but she is easiest to style, she just screams HIGH FASHION.

    We went low key on the styling of the dress as don’t you think the dress says it all already? Darling Manjit killed it on the design so paired with hot Tolula, it only needed some black sexy heels and ladylike opaques to look fab.

    Oh and she totally is Manjit’s muse,he adores her in his pieces.She totally started wearing his divine designs first 🙂
    Kiss kiss,

  7. we heart Tolula! we just did a post about her and as one commenter said, ‘she’s FIERCE’, she always looks so elegant, fun and stylish and can pull off almost any look. don’t think kimberly looks bad, just not as good, totally agree with Kristen, it needs the tights! SSx

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