Leona Lewis gets HIT in the face!

X- Factor songstress Leona Lewis launched her new book today in Waterstones. She arrived 25 minutes late but it was cool cause its Leona!

Leona Lewis

Being interviewed by BBC 1 Xtra she was asked ‘How do you feel about launching your album in the same week as Alexandra Burke, is there any rivalry? To which Leona answered ‘There is no rivalry between us I really like Alexandra

Leona Lewis

Lovely Leona then posed for the camera before starting the signing.

Leona Lewis Face

It was at the signing that one crazed ‘fan’ made a reference to Herne Hill and HIT Leona in her face!!!! WTF!?! Leona reeled back in shock and although in disbelief  bouncers and security quickly reprimand the man. The special police were first on the scene quickly followed by the Met.

Leona Lewis Police

Her mother who was outside at the time rushed back into the building.

Leona's Mum

Due to the incident Leona left swiftly afterwards and bouncers shielded her from onlookers.  

Leona Lewis

Sade Says ‘Unprovoked and uncalled for!’


Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper


4 Replies to “Leona Lewis gets HIT in the face!”

    1. apparently he had mental health issues!!

      but definately sad for Leona, she’s never rude and minds her own business! totally not fair.

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