Mish Mash End of October Round up

October was the month that Alexandra Burke went to number one with her single ‘Bad Boys’ and her album ‘Overcome’


Only to be  knocked off by her Ex X-Factor Mentor Cheryl Cole with her track ‘Fight for this love’

French Vogue decided to do a shoot with model Lara Stone in which she was blacked up (WTF !?!)

Lara Stone

 And the BBC thought it would be a good idea to have Nick Griffin leader of the far right group the BNP on the Question Time panel in the middle of Black History Month!


Sade Says ‘You gotta keep smiling :D’


4 Replies to “Mish Mash End of October Round up”

  1. WTF??? Exactly what or WHOM was french vogue looking at when they were “BLACKING UP” this model (Michael).. The Wayans bros did a better job of being white chicks

  2. you just knew Cheryl would knock Alexander off being number 1. shame about the PJ looking outfit in Cheryl’s video, though.

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