Rachel Christie loses her crown!!!

OMG! Rachel Christie is no longer Miss England in what seems to be one of the most bizarre curse of the ex girlfriend stories I have ever heard!

Rachel Christie

ALLEGEDLY Rachel (niece of Linford Christie) was at Mansion club in Manchester with her current love interest Tornado aka David McIntosh (from Gladiator on Sky 1)

Sara Beverley Jones

and also in the club the current Miss Manchester, Sara Beverley Jones, who just happens be Tornado ex- girlfriend. (Ok so not a good start!) It is ALLEGED that Rachel and Sara argued over Tornado. It is then ALLEGED that Rachel then switched and hit Sara in her face (!!!WTF!!!), Rachel was arrested for assault and is currently released on bail. *blank stare*

Rachel Christie

Rachel Christie was the first ever black Miss England and she was due to represent England at Miss World in Johannesburg next month. A statement from Miss England organisation said “Due to the media attention following the allegations against her, Rachel Christie has now decided to withdraw from the Miss World competition and relinquish her Miss England crown…Rachel will concentrate on clearing her name and focus on training for the 2012 Olympics until this case is resolved.”

Did she give up the title willingly or was she forced to? The truth will come out….it just a matter of time but for now what do you think???


Sade Says ‘How did it all come to this? Me, I don’t know!’

Images of Rachel courtesy of The Award Winning Flyer Newspaper


3 Replies to “Rachel Christie loses her crown!!!”

  1. I have met Rachel so many times and interviewed her. She is not one to quit. Her winners bag was full of European products there were no contingency plans for a minority winner. What England wants England gets but the truth will out. Wishing Rachel my support but the struggle goes on. She was pushed.

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