Jamelia, Darren and Maxwell D!

Does the course of true love ever run smoothly? In celeb world the short answer is NO! Another celeb couple have bitten the dust, Pop star Jamelia and footballer Darren Byfield are getting a divorce! and after only 18 months of marriage. They have a four-year-old daughter together Tiani and Jamelia also has an eight-year-old daughter Teja from a previous relationship. The split is said to amicable and naturally their priority is their two children. Shame really, thought they made a nice couple!  
jamelia red clutch
But anyway, on one of those rare TV moments which could only be put down to fate, destiny, karma or all of the above, Jamelia was happily minding her own business during her appearance on BBC2 Never Mind The Buzzcocks and along pops Maxwell D (formerly of Pay As You Go Cartel) who had previously sold a kiss and tell story on her to the News of The World. This TV clip classic is a must see!
Jamelia killed it ‘Who looks the most upset?’ LMAO!!! But Maxwell D have to give it to him, he took it well…
And then he posted this response video to explained why he acted they way he did in his own words.  
Sade Says ‘Hindsight is a beautiful thing’
Image courtesy of  The Award Winning Flyer Newspaper


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