Black Tie Comedy Awards 09 ~ The Show

The 1st ever Black Tie Comedy Awards took place in the Indigo 2 in the O2 arena. In plush surrounding with champagne, canapés, Sleek MakeUp goody bags and the funniest players in urban comedy; a little bit of history was made as there has never before been an event that has rewarded urban comedy in such a way.


The hosts for the evening were the beautiful Rachel Ritfeld and the very funny Kojo (who also are stars in new film release ‘Find Her Keep Her’).  Seriously check out Kojo on twitter he has jokes for days




Despite the event previously being rescheduled and the closure of the Blackwall tunnel on the day causing horrendous traffic and lateness! And even the fact that Bill Bellamy who was suppose to be the special guest not turning up the event was a great success and arguably most importantly side splittingly funny! The award winning Harmony Productions one of the companies behind the event said ‘Due to circumstances beyond our control. Bill Bellamy did not perform at Sunday’s comedy awards.  In keeping with the good spirit of the UK COMEDY awards, we held a successful ground breaking comedy awards that remained focused on celebrating the UK’s top performers.


Bill did tweet this



But then he did tweet this too!?!

Hmmm Bill…but you know what your too cute sooo we’ll let you off  (lol)



Guest included Babatunde (Best Newcomer nominee)



Very humble Prince Abdi (Best Newcomer Nominee)



Duo JCX and Slick (Best Newcomer Nominee)



Slim who won not one but two awards for Best TV performance and Best Male comedian.


Rudolph Walker and his lovely wife


Singer Meleka blew the audience away when she performed her song ‘Go’. Meleka love that dress~ want that dress!!!!


UK Urban Talent


Bashy came down to support


Charlie Kenny (Artist Manager) and Richard Blackwood (Best Male Comedian Nominee)


Mr Gorgeous himself (watch the suit he ain’t playing) with the lovely Nadia Shepherd one half of Booty Luv


Leonard Foster and Annika Allen from Flavour Magazine one of the media partners


Winner of Best Newcomer Kevin J (this guy has one of the best Nigerian accents ever!)


FDM aka Fun*dmentals 03 and Eddie Kadi (Best Male Comdeian Nominee) loving the Addias blazer Eddie


Presenter Yondie Murray and lovable comedian Miss London who has just started filming a new TV programme with BBC3. This young lady is defo one to watch


Glenda Jaxson who won Best female comedian…hmmm not sure what happened to her award !?!


And After party music was supplied by the one and only Celebrity DJ Longers


List of Winners


Best Newcomer ~ Kevin J
Best TV performance ~ Slim

‎​Best Female Comedian ~ Glenda Jaxson

Best Male Comedian ~ Slim
‎​Best Promoter ~ Harmony Productions
Outstanding Achievement ~ Real McCoy
‎​Best International Comedian ~ Chris Rock


Sade Says ‘Can’t wait till next year!’


Images courtesy of Emul8-Us


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