Cherri V’s Christmas Party!

The hottest girl of the moment Cherri V hosted a Christmas cocktail party at Ruby Lo night club in central London.

Performing tracks from her up coming album ‘Fast Cars, Silk Sheets and Favourite Guys

Cherri was the hostess with the mostess guests included singer Egypt Actor

MC Arnold Oceng aka Snakey Man

and AJ and Tom Deacon from BBC Switch’s 5:19 Show

On the night Cherri V played Ms Claus and had elves too! Goody bags were full of Apple Bottom and Sleek Make up goodies  Cherri  has been on her grind for a while now but was previously part of girl group Trinity Stone with Jade Ewen (Sugababes) and Azi Jegbefume (Kandy Rain), when asked if she would have been part of the Sugababes said ‘No, I’m too independent, I’ve been in a group before and I’ve progressed from that , I’m comfortable doing my own thing…I know both Keisha and Jade I wish them both the best of luck’.

Check out her new single ‘Skool Daze’ featuring the hit maker Wiley releasing  in January 2010

Sade Says ‘Loves  party season!’

Images courtesy of  Garry Carbon


2 Replies to “Cherri V’s Christmas Party!”

  1. I had the pleasure of attending this event and Cherri V is more lovely and talented in person.
    The intimate setting of the venue was very nice and Cherri V captured her audience amazingly with her gorgeous toned voice her delivery and her beautiful smile.

    looking forward to more from Cherri V ;.)

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