Screen Nation Christmas Party 09

The Screen Nation Christmas party took place at Penthouse night club in the heart of London’s West End. The festive views of Leicester Square from the 6th floor complimented the party atmosphere and with free flowing champagne and brilliant hospitality you could not go wrong.  Despite the subzero temperatures celebs came out to support the event, guests included…

Arnold Oceng aka Snakey Man who is in (Director slash Actor slash Writer) Noel Clarke’s new film 4 3 2 1 which come out in 2010


Kojo came down to support

Egypt rocked this gold number love her style!

Actress Natalie Barrett and comedian Lateef Lovejoy

Mr Gorgeous looking dapper

Actor Leon Brown

Actor Geff Francis who played Michael Ambrose in the hit channel 4 sitcom Desmond’s

FDM (formally known as Fun*dmental 03) performed for the first time in about a year and blow the audience away. 2010 is looking good for these guys JLS may just need to step back!

Screen Nation CEO Charles Thompson announced that the next Screen Nation will be taking place in this coming October and introduced Josie D’Arby as the new Event Director

Josie has hosted the event for 4 years straight and said that she was ‘excited and committed’ to her new role

The fabulous celebrity reported Janelle Oswald looked mighty fine in her Gisella Couture dress

Celebrity DJ Longers keep the crowd lively and bubbling with his great set

Whereas Crazy Harmonica did not! Like that you’re a bit different and all but seriously trying to hype the crowd up by insulting them never ever goes down well no matter how talented you are.

Sade Says ‘Merry Christmas!’

Images courtesy of Emul8-Us


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