Looking Foward

January, a time to plan and have loads to look forward too! Below is who I look forward to seeing more from this year! (Hmmm this could be subject to change as the year progresses but hey it’s a start).

So in no particular order heres the SS List for 2010…


Her track ‘In the morning’ released back in September was/is a club banger! Loving her style and very time I see this girl performs she tears it up!

Love it!

Follow her www.twitter.com/egyptofficial

Noel Clarke

In 2009 Noel bagged himself a Screen Nation Award, a Beffta and a Bafta! We can only expect more good stuff. His new film which he wrote and directed ‘4, 3, 2, 1’  stars some of the hottest UK talent Michelle Ryan, Bashy, Adam Deacon, Arnold Oceng, Shanika Warren Markland and  Noel himself. Trailer is not out yet (let you know when it is).

Follow him www.twitter.com/noelclarke

Georgie W Couture

Stylish, sassy and demurely sexy Georgie W Couture is one designer that continues to go from strength to strength, everybody around the world should have several items in their wardrobe.

Check it out www.georgiewcouture.com

Jasmia Robinson

Model Jasmia Robinson has been keeping a low profile but after winning best female model at last years Befftas she is back for 2010.

This chica has her fingers in a few pies and maybe heading into the studio…

Follow her www.twitter.com/jasmiarobinson

Miss London

This young lady is oozing with talent, a prime example of the new breed of comedians.

And see mcs too! Lol

Follow her www.twitter.com/funnymisslondon

Sarah-Jane Crawford

Sarah-Jane Crawford, TV and Radio Presenter  love this chick simply because she goes hard and she has great style catch her on BBC 1xtra every weekend 7-10am

Follow her www.twitter.com/sarahjanecrawf

Alexander Amosu

Alexander Amosu creator of the most expensive customised Blackberry in the world!

For those with magpie tendencies

Aren’t they pretty?!!

Watching this clip makes you just need one in your life!

Follow him http://www.twitter.com/alexanderamosu

Sade Says Follow me www.twitter.com/sadesaysworld


5 Replies to “Looking Foward”

  1. Oh i’m excited about these predictions! But looking at those pretty crackberry’s and looking at mine makes me sad… Hmmpf!

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