X-Factor Maternity Leave

The rumours of Dannii Minogues’ pregnancy have now been confirmed she and her partner Kris Smith are expecting their first child and are said to be delighted.

Now the big question is…whose going to cover her maternity leave or in fact replace her on X-Factor ?!?!?

Robbie Williams is rumoured to have expressed an interested…hmmmm…No!

Who would be cool is Kelly Rowland. In an interview with New! magazine Kelly says she is more than open to the idea she said ‘everybody keeps asking me about it. The X-Factor is an amazing show and Simon knows all he has to do is call me.’

Kelly who recently performed a 45 minute set for Elton John’s Aids foundation charity event, certainly has the credentials. She’s ex-Destiny’s Child member, got a good solo career,  she spends a lot of time in the UK , she looks fantastic and she can SING!!!

Sade Says ‘Simon Pick Kelly!’


3 Replies to “X-Factor Maternity Leave”

  1. Haha. Robbie being a judge will be jokes. He’ll tell them all to take crystal meth or some sort and that everything will be fine!

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