Caught in the Act

Caught in the Act is back! The live comedy show that pushes improvisation to the fullest has come back will full force at London’s hotspot Madame Jojo’s

The brain child of host by JCX (of JCX and Slick)  audiences were throughly entertained by the likes of…
Arnold Oceng aka Snakeyman

and Jason Maza (yes too hard to explain!)  who both took part in the improvised comedy sketches with the rest of the Caught In the Act team

The X-Factor pack were in full force with a powerful performance from Miss Frank

with support in the crowd from Rachel Adedeji

who brought her entourage  (this girl rolls deep!)

Stand up came from funny guy Chris Martin

actor Jimmy Akingbola was in the house

Eddie Kadi made an apperance (with and a camera shy Kevin J he’s off camera to the left)

and the very talented Miss London

Next show is 1st week of march but here a taster in the meantime

Sade Says ‘Check it out! ‘

Images courtesy of Emul8-Us


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