Golden Globes and Hairy Legs!

Congrats to Mo’nique who won a  Golden Globe for Best Supporting actress for her role in the film ‘Precious’

Mo’nique looked amazing in her gold gown but  did let the team down…

by revealing her unshaven legs on the red carpet!!!!

Still cannot look at this image for too long! Jheeze Ok Ok Ok I know some people are comfortable with the au natural look  but do you have to show the world!?!?

Newcomer Gabourey  Sidibe plays the lead and also stars Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravizt. Directed by Lee Daniels based on the ‘Push’ by Sapphire, this film has been endorsed by both Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry.  Precious is a story based in Harlem of an over weight literate teenager who is pregnant with her 2nd child and is advised to enrol in an alternative school. The film explores incest and sexual and physical abuse.

Precious opens in UK cinemas on 29th January. Check out the trailer

Sade Says ‘Precious’ is a must see!’


2 Replies to “Golden Globes and Hairy Legs!”

  1. Such an AMAZING film!!! After watching the clip of Mo’nique’s speech and the trailer again makes me actually hate the woman’s character. Such a deep film!

    And the legs..? Well…. Let’s just say it’s lucky home girl is married, yeah.

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