Top 5 Power Couples!

According to Forbes it is now official for the 2nd year running Mr. and Mrs. Carter aka Jay-Z and Beyonce are the top earning power couple between them they raked in $122 Million between June 2008 and June 2009

In second place are

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart who brought in $69 million

Third are Bradanglina who are sitting on $55 million

With $48 million fourth place goes to Will and Jada Smith

And the UK’s very own Mr. and Mrs. Beckham come in 5th place with a respectable $46 million.

Brand Beckham have had a turbulent start to the year,

with Victoria being parred by both sides of the Atlantic with her over her appearance on American Idol.

The pair has lost their Armani campaign to

Megan Fox

and Cristiano Ronaldo (something about Rolando just doesn’t convince me).

And David’s Golden balls were groped by Italian prankster Elena Di Cioccio! (source)

But they keep going regardless

Here they are both appearing on double cover edition of 10 Magazine.

Sade Says ‘Nothing sells better than a power couple’


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