Rihanna goes back to her roots!

‘Rude Boy’ The latest installment from Ms Rihanna! Have a look see, defo has more of a Caribbean feel.


What do you think?

Sade Says ‘I think this Bajan beauty has a sense of humor! lol ‘



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3 responses to “Rihanna goes back to her roots!

  1. S@sh@ F1erce

    Oh my goodness this is FABULOUS!! The video is on it, and the styles… everything! Definately redeemed herself from that “Russian Roulette” song she released earlier… Well done, Rihanna!

  2. GaGa Mon$ter

    Hahaha. Oh this is a cheeky little number!! Rihanna just can’t go wrong… Camp Rihanna knows what they’re doing! ❤

  3. JSF

    damn! rihanna really remembers how to ‘wuk up’. the black + white scene is awesomeee. go rihanna go!!!

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