Sabrina Washington gets her hair did!!!

The lovable Sabrina Washington is sporting a new hair do…

Sabrina who usually rocks a wavy look has replaced this in favour of a stylised futuristic creation

Loving the lace and the all  black everything attire! Sabrina showcased her new look at the British Asian Sport Awards where she gave out an award.

Sade Says ‘Sabrina Rocks!’

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper



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2 responses to “Sabrina Washington gets her hair did!!!

  1. GaGa Mon$ter

    Yeah she got her hair did WRONG, I’m afraid. And ok, lace is in but why over-do it? No no no no no….

  2. S@sh@ F1erce

    Ooo.. I think this may be a bad choice of hairstyle. It looks a bit heavy on one side of her head! Oh, Sabrina… Why! At least her outfit’s kinda fabulous. Sorry GaGa, you can’t over-do lace!!

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