Out and about in London Town

Mike GLC, Darragh Mortell and Tulisa (NDubz) all attended the feature length finale of Dubplate Drama held in association with Bafta at Rich Mix

Sabrina Washington may have gone back to her old hair style (can’t quite confirm with the hat on), she attended the 1st Anniversary of Thriller Live at the Lyric theatre. Loving the bag!

Flyer Newspaper

Rachel Adedeji also attended sporting a freshly shaved side head

Flyer Newspaper

And Dame Vivienne Westwood wrapped up warm to shield herself from the cold as she attended the VIP screening of Food Inc in Mayfair. Commenting on Alexander McQueen’s death, Dame V said she was “incredibly sorry” to hear the news.

Sade Says ‘London Town is where it’s at!’


4 Replies to “Out and about in London Town”

  1. hmm london seems to be the place?! would say all the stars are out.. but i still dont really rate n-dubz as celebs.. ?! hard life but its true.. they have budget written all over them!

  2. Sabrina had to hide the height of her weave under her wig! Poor girl.

    I think the only people in this post who got it right was Dame Vivienne Westwood. Go on, Viv!!

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