Looking Foward

January, a time to plan and have loads to look forward too! Below is who I look forward to seeing more from this year! (Hmmm this could be subject to change as the year progresses but hey it’s a start).

So in no particular order heres the SS List for 2010…


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Suits you Sir



Alexander Amosu and Ronke Phillips


Multimillionaire Alexander Amosu (R’n’B ringtones) has ventured into fashion and created what is thought to be the most expensive suit in the ENTIRE world!!!!!!!!!!

The star studded press launch held in Mayfair included the likes of Ronke Phillips and Baroness Amos.

 75k suit


And here it is on this dashing young model. This suit is worth a whopping 75k, yes 75k!!!!!!!!! Made with fabrics of the very highest quality, it is woven with 22 carat gold and sprinkled with diamond dust to create the ultimate in bling-wear. (Please note this is not for those worried about the credit crunch).


Chris Eubank and the Suit


Orders were being taken on the night and that’s not the only thing that was up for grabs on this launch night. Amosu raffled off his 22 carat gold iPod; to enter all guest had to do was put there business card into the draw.


 Chris Eubank


Sadly no matter how hard he searched in his man bag Mr Eubank could not find his L


 Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper