This is IT! Michael Jackson London Film Premiere

The highly anticipated Film ‘This is it’ of late undisputed King of Pop Michael Jackson, premiered across the globe.  The film contains footage of Michael rehearsals of his ‘This is it’ tour which was due to take place this year in London. Carefully scheduled, 18 premieres took place around the world, London’s very own taking place at the Odeon cinema in the heart of Leicester square.  


Guests included Westlife


 Kesha (That girl who sung the hook on Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’) who looked boarder-line hot mess!


 The Diversity boys



Keisha Buchanan

Keisha Buchanan who looked great in this David Korma dress. (David is the MA Graduate from Central Saint Martins who won the Harrods Design Award earlier this year).

Michael Jackson impersonator

And of course the night would not be complete without an Michael Jackson impersonator.

Although many came to enjoy the night there were some who were protesting for the truth to come out regarding the events surrounding Michael Jackson’s death. The ‘This is Not it’ campaign is growing in numbers fast and they have their own film…well youtube video….

Sade Says hearts MJ

Images courtesy of The Award Winning Flyer Newspaper


Sugababes New Line Up

So Keisha is now gone! The new girl Jade Ewen makes her Sugababes video début


It’s a bit catchy isn’t it? Hmmmm and they don’t look bad together either…

Can’t wait to see what Keisha comes up with!!!

Sade Says ‘Bring it!’

Sugababes Reshuffle

Keisha / Jade

The Sugababes have switch members again! Newcomer Jade Ewen !?! who repped UK in eurovision song contest is to replace (the only founding member) Keisha Buchanan! It’s a bit sad really but found this vid to remember the good old days…

 But hold up, wouldn’t logic suggest that now that the last founding member of the group has left that a new group (i.e not called The Sugababes) should be formed!?!  Keisha is to launch a solo career so good luck to them all


Sade Says ‘Change is inevitable…but how can there be Suga without Keisha?’

UPDATE: You are gonna have to click the video on this one as YouTube is being very long !!!!!