This is IT! Michael Jackson London Film Premiere

The highly anticipated Film ‘This is it’ of late undisputed King of Pop Michael Jackson, premiered across the globe.  The film contains footage of Michael rehearsals of his ‘This is it’ tour which was due to take place this year in London. Carefully scheduled, 18 premieres took place around the world, London’s very own taking place at the Odeon cinema in the heart of Leicester square.  


Guests included Westlife


 Kesha (That girl who sung the hook on Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’) who looked boarder-line hot mess!


 The Diversity boys



Keisha Buchanan

Keisha Buchanan who looked great in this David Korma dress. (David is the MA Graduate from Central Saint Martins who won the Harrods Design Award earlier this year).

Michael Jackson impersonator

And of course the night would not be complete without an Michael Jackson impersonator.

Although many came to enjoy the night there were some who were protesting for the truth to come out regarding the events surrounding Michael Jackson’s death. The ‘This is Not it’ campaign is growing in numbers fast and they have their own film…well youtube video….

Sade Says hearts MJ

Images courtesy of The Award Winning Flyer Newspaper


Michael Jackson Memorial Service

Over 6 million viewers in Britain watched the Michael Jackson service, with approximately 30.9 billion around the world. The deeply moving services had performances from Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Queen Latifah and Usher.


Cast of Thriller Live

In London, Thriller Live paid tribute to the King of Pop. As the memorial service in the US was in full swing, members of the cast held a 1 minute silence in remembrance.

Outside Thriller Live

Outside the venue in Shaftesbury avenue passers by stopped and read messages in support of the Jackson’s.

During the service Queen Latifah addressed the audience and read out this poem by Maya Angelou 

We had Him

Beloveds, now we know that we know nothing, now that our bright and shining star can slip away from our fingertips like a puff of summer wind.

Without notice, our dear love can escape our doting embrace. Sing our songs among the stars and walk our dances across the face of the moon.

In the instant that Michael is gone, we know nothing. No clocks can tell time. No oceans can rush our tides with the abrupt absence of our treasure.

Though we are many, each of us is achingly alone, piercingly alone.

Only when we confess our confusion can we remember that he was a gift to us and we did have him.

He came to us from the creator, trailing creativity in abundance.

Despite the anguish, his life was sheathed in mother love, family love, and survived and did more than that.

He thrived with passion and compassion, humor and style. We had him whether we know who he was or did not know, he was ours and we were his.

We had him, beautiful, delighting our eyes.

His hat, aslant over his brow, and took a pose on his toes for all of us.

And we laughed and stomped our feet for him.

We were enchanted with his passion because he held nothing. He gave us all he had been given.

Today in Tokyo, beneath the Eiffel Tower, in Ghana’s Black Star Square.

In Johannesburg and Pittsburgh, in Birmingham, Alabama, and Birmingham, England

We are missing Michael.

But we do know we had him, and we are the world.

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper

Tributes to MJ

The tragic news of Michael Jackson’s death has gripped the entire world. Although dominating coverage in every medium possible for most it still very hard to believe that his life has ended.


MJ Fans

Even despite his short comings which are being overhyped by the media right now (seriously he isn’t even in the ground yet!!!) I think that we can conclude that his fan base is hugely bigger than the hater base and they are determined to focus on his positive contributions and his musical genius which just can not be denied.


MJ Fans

Fans from all nations are paying tribute. In Liverpool Street Station (London) an organised flash mob gathered sang MJ songs and danced

MJ Flash Mob


MJ dancer

And outside the West End musical production Thriller Live at The Lyric Theatre Shaftesbury Avenue fans laid flowers


Thiller Live

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper

The World has lost its King of Pop!

Michael Jackson was pronounced dead on the 25th of June aged 50. The legendary artist sold over 750 million albums worldwide! Thriller alone sold 51 million copies. He leaves behind three children.

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson was rushed into hospital in Los Angeles at 8.30 pm (London time) after suffering a massive heart attack. Despite efforts to resuscitate him medics said “He was unresponsive.”

Michael JacksonMatthew from FLYER who was fortunate to have met Michael on several occasions said: “Michael had a special place in our hearts and had a presence and an aura that was humble but endearing. His music transcends race, although race was always an issue in the media, Michael preferred to let his music do the talking for which he will always be loved and remembered.

 Michael JACKSON

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper