Big Brother 10 Final

So Big Brother is over! Quite literally as next years show is the last one. Love it or hate it, the programme has managed to survive for 10 years which is pretty good by today’s standards!

Sophie Reade

The public has spoken and we have a winner in the form of glamour model Sophie Reade. Love those candy stripe shoes.

Sophie Reade and her Money

She walked away with prize money of £71,320


There have been some serious characters in the in the house this year including Siavash bit strange but harmless really. Davina rocked a new sparkly look. Love, love, love sequinned blazers right now!


The lovable (fan of all things British ) Rodrigo


Sophia good look for you love the dress (but tut tut  for the coat)


Hottie Noirin who had every guy and their dad falling at her feet looked fab in this orange number.  FYI Fellas Noirin is single again, after all those shenanigans it just didn’t work out with Isaac (aka ‘Daddy’).  Wonder if that was ‘its not you, it’s me’ moment?  


Karly kept it classic in black


*****Warning ***** If your eyes are sensitive to fashion mistakes please look away now!


Angel demonstrates what not to wear even for a joke

Bea and Hira

As does Hira come on girly you are on TV! This really shouldn’t be allowed. Bea looks alright *whispers*if only her personality could match…


And then OMG! It’s as if someone was mean  to Saffia and told her it was fancy dress. Oh dear!

Sade Says ‘It’s been emotional’

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper


One Reply to “Big Brother 10 Final”

  1. BB final’s are like a fashion showcase reject. Awful, but you can’t help but watch what they’re wearing!! Thanks for the pics.

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