Amazing Grace

Chris Blackwell from London started Island Records 50 years ago for only £1000 and it’s still going strong.  To celebrate the iconic Grace Jones performed at  the anniversary event in London.

Grace Jones on stage

The night included rhythm specialist Sly and Robbie, Marcia Griffith, Rita Marley and Erica Newell who all helped kicked the night off in Shepherds Bush.

Grace Jones' Bum

However while performing ‘Pull up to my Bumper’ Grace turned around and showed her fishnet cover bumper to the audience !!! I know, I know but she’s got a sense of humour LMAO!!!!

Grace Jones and Kid Creole

Backstage Kid Creole bumped into Grace

Grace Jones Backstage

The 61 year old said to Flyer: ‘Thank you for the compliments but I have some great designers behind me. My outfit was designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier and my head piece by hat designer Philip Tracey’.


New comers Tinchy Strider and VV Brown also performed on the opening night. Sade Says Your dress hurts my eyes VV!

Images courtesy of Flyer Newspaper


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